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About Takiya-Ryo

From Spring to Autumn, more than 20 Takiya-Ryo boats depart at sunset and head to the fishing grounds. In the shallow area of the lake, fishes like black porgy could be caught and scooped in the nets. This special way of fishing is widely known for it's uniqueness and enjoyment. Customers could experience Takiya-Ryo fishing while being on a floating raft, and savor the freshly harvested catches in Lake Hamana.


The origin of Takiya-Ryo

Takiya-Ryo is an unique way of fishing practised at Lake Hamana in Hamamatsu city by the locals. It's named after the fire torch (pronounced as Takiya in Japanese) that was being used to attract fishes in the process of fishing.


Experience tour

Departing at sunset, a boat named Takiya Cruise (capacity of 4 people) will take you to the fishing point. On Takiya Cruise, besides seeing how the local boatman fishes, you could also try Takiya-Ryo fishing with the harpoon​ and net provided by us. You could either take your freshly harvested catches home or enjoy them at "Takiya-tei", a floating raft connected to Takiya Cruise, where the boatman on each boat cooks and prepares the seafood dishes for you.




Summary of Takiya Cruise​


Fishing season

From May to September


Boarding points

Hamana Cooperative Association of Fisheries Branch

9985-3 Yuto-cho, Ubumi, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu-shi (free parking provided)

JR Bentenjima Station・Bentenjima Kaihin Park

3755-2 Maisaka-cho Bentenjima, Nishi-ku Hamamatsu-shi


Time of fishing

Start at sunset and last for around 90minutes.


Main catches with Takiya Cruise


 Besides fishes like black porgy, octopuses are the main target. Shrimps and big meaty crabs (Doman crab) could also be caught sometimes.


 Although trip might be cancelled sometimes because of raining, it's a good season for fishing and have a good and big catch.

・July - August

 The weather is stable and is a good period of time to enjoy fishing, but the water might start getting muddy. Crabs and Japanese halfbeak fishes swim closely to the surface of the sea in the shallow area.


 Muddy water comes off and therefore fishes in deeper area, usually in bigger size, could also be caught. Provided that the deeper you go, the number of fishes drops.



4 people or less on one ship (cooking is included) 30,000 Yen

Cash payment only, no credit cards accepted

Please pay with cash upon arrival on the day of visit.

No age limit for kids, newborn baby will also be counted.

Notice in advance is required to passengers with children. There has to be at least 1 adult on each boat.

Trip might be cancelled due to bad weather and we beg for your understanding. (the total paid amount will be refunded)

We strongly suggest coming on weekdays as weekends are usually fully booked in the summer period (from later July to August).


Interpretation optional Service

Interpretation optional service available upon request. Two types of interpretation services are available: accompanying interpreter on the boat ride, or interpreter for the procedural introduction prior to riding only.


Cancellation Policy

11 days before : Free

8-10 days before : 20%

4-7 days before : 50%

0-3 days before : 100%



Things you should know before getting on board

■Warm clothes

Even though it's in the midde of summer, the windly night might be chilly and therefore preparing long-sleeve clothes are suggested.



To avoid getting injuried by the harpoon, wearing shoes with high heels is dangerous. Sports shoes or long boots are strongly suggested.


■Cooler box

In order to bring your catches home, please prepare a cooler box with enough freezer packs. A big one for big catch!



We only offer recipes for wild caught fishes and seafood. Feel free to bring your own rice ball, bread, tea, beer and snacks.

☆Miso Soup with crab meat and rice ball will be the best paring!



Could be very helpful when needed!




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