[movie] Yamagata Sunflower

2016.07.02 | Yamagata | Shinjo sta.

My name is Edward and I'm from Canada. I'm an ALT living in Kaneyama-machi, Yamagata Prefecture.

I've had an amazing experience here thanks to the kindness and hospitality from people around the community and prefecture.

This video is about the beautiful winter here and it's also an English cover of Motohiro Hata's Himawari no Yakusoku.

This video is dedicated to all my students and friends in Yamagata Prefecture. Thanks for watching and enjoy!


Original song: 秦基博のひまわりの約束

*The video's song title and lyrics are revised versions and are not the original.

Featured locations:
-Kintaro Restaurant
-Kaneyama Ozeki
-Shinjo Station
-Mount Zao
-Ginzan Onsen

Special thanks to: TV Asahi Music, Rika-san, Kyohei, Yukiko, Kaori, Kensuke, Nanako, Maho, Yuko, Dachi, Koshiro, Kura, Hiroyuki, Jenn M., Christy G., Amanda J., Yuta T., Akemi, Yozo, Nozomu K., Kentaro S., Renee, Blake, Sadie, Andy, Patrick, Toru-sensei, Koji-sensei, and everyone at Kaneko :)

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