[movie] Larry the Sloth Goes to Yosano

2016.07.07 | Kyoto

Yosano Town formed in 2006, combining three towns, Kaya; Iwataki and Nodagawa. It is quite rural, with a population of around 23,000. It has some very unique and beautiful charms and some absolutely fantastic people. I hope this video captures that, as well as the sheer fun that being an ALT can be. Larry has certainly had a great time so far! 


Featured locations:-

Kaya Steam Locomotive Square, Yosano Town
Yosano Town Sunflower Festival
Tango Chirimen History Museum, Yosano Town
Mount OE, Yosano Town
Amanohashidate, Miyazu.
Nodagawa Water Park, Yosano Town
Nodagawa Youth Centre, Yosano Town
Kaya Tourist Information Centre, Yosano Town
Kansai International Airport 

Enlarged display of map
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