Tonneru wo Nukeru to Soko wa Hare no Kuni de atta

2016.10.23 | Okayama | Okayama sta.

Since I settled Takahashi in the prefecture of Okayama one month ago, I was able to take part in some local festivals and visited several tourist spots.

This video is meant as an “invitation to the voyage”, starting off with Takahashi and all around the “sunny country”. I would be very pleased if some viewers wanted to visit the region after watching the video !

Featured in the video :
・the e-buta floats festival in Kawakami town
・the Matsuyama dance festival
・the gardens of the Raikyuji temple
・the samurai district called “bukeyashiki”
・the local church built in 1889
・the Nariwa art museum
・Matsuyama castle
・the Fukiya village

Enlarged display of map
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