Maguroya Soma Seafood: delicious and affordable tuna of supreme quality from Tsukiji fish market

2018.02.20 | Chiba | Tokyo sta.

This restaurant serves you fresh fish directly from Tsukiji fish market at an insanely low price because it is directly run by a seafood wholesaler specializing in tuna. Photo shows a tuna rice-bowl.

The restaurant is directly managed by Soma Seafood, a tuna wholesaler at Tokyo Tsukiji fish market. It brings you Pacific bluefin tuna, Southern bluefin tuna, and other fresh fish directly from Tsukiji.

The restaurant offers a wide range of seafood rice-bowls, including assorted tuna bowl (medium-fat tuna, lean tuna, chopped tuna with green onion) ¥1,480 (tax excluded), premium seafood bowl ¥2,500 (tax excluded), medium-fat tuna bowl ¥2,100 (tax excluded) and many more.

You will also find sashimi made with tuna and other types of fish in the restaurant, as well as numerous broiled dishes, stewed dishes, and fried dishes cooked with the different parts of a tuna. A wide selection of sakes is available during dinner hours, which is why the restaurant is known for being a "seafood izakaya (bar)".

The restaurant also serves improvised dishes depending on the types of seafood bought from Tsukiji fish market on that particular day. Please consult the restaurant staff for details.

There are also a lot of options for takeaway and lunch. Lunch-only seafood rice-bowls and other set meals are available during lunch hours.


Sashimi assortment 2-3 servings  ¥2,000 (tax excluded)



Discount from Japan Finder only!

For those who come in a group of more than two persons, one serving of grilled tuna head or stewed tuna head will be given out free of charge to every two persons if you show the webpage of Japan Finder to restaurant staff.  The dishes originally cost ¥500 each (tax excluded)



The restaurant is situated near Tokyo Disneyland. Please take a 3-minute walk (234m) after exiting from Urayasu station on the Tokyo Metro Tozai line. The sister store at Fujimi is also located near Disneyland.


Maguroya Soma Seafood

【Location】1-5-40, Toudai-jima, Urayasu-shi, Chiba Prefecture
【Tel. Number】047-355-0032
【Restaurant Hours】 Lunch 11:00-14:00; Dinner 17:00-22:00
【Rest Day】 N/A
【Private Room】available! Able to accommodate 10 to 20 people

*Please also support our sister store at Fujimi! (2-8-2, Fujimi, Urayasu-shi; phone: 047-314-5728)

【Table reservation】Possible. Please make your reservation via phone.


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