2018.03.02 | Tokyo

"Kazuya" was founded in 1989. Since then, we aim to keep the traditional handmade method to ensure customer's satisfication.


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Japan is famous for the great deal of thought behind the preparation and presentation of Japanese food. You can feel such passion not only in their ramen soup, but also in their dumpling and roasted pork fillet as well. We especially recommend the dumpling noodle.





The original flavor of Kazuya.
The taste of original ramen.
Chicken and pork, together with Japanese dried infant sardines, kombu and dried mackerel are used to attain the excellent balance of chinese soup.







Minced pork rice







【Postal code】153-0064
【Location】3 Chome-2-4 Shimonmeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo.
【Tel. Number】03-6420-0668
【Restaurant Hours】Mon - Sat: 11:00am ~ 0:00am
         ※Limited availability
         Opens seven days a week
【Availability of Seats】25 seats (11 counter seats / 14 table seats)
【Budget】(noon) ~\ 999 (night)\1,000 - \ 1,999
【Access】12 mins walk from JR Megu Station West Exit
       11 mins walk from Tokyu Meguro Line Fudoumae Station
       23 mins walk from Tokyu Toyoko Line Naka Meguro Station
       671m from Meguro Station






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