Traditional Japanese cuisine Niigata Style 〜 Joetsu Yasuda

2018.08.30 | Tokyo

Jyouetu Yasuda

Traditional Japanese cuisine Niigata style


I recently had the pleasure of visiting a great traditional Japanese restaurant called Joetsu Yasuda located a short walk from Shinbashi Station  in downtown Tokyo. The menu is based upon local foodstuff and ingredients from Niigata Prefecture on the coast of the Sea of Japan. 



Upon entering the restaurant I could feel the high class atmosphere.  I was lucky to get a seat at the counter where I could see the busy chefs at work. The menu at  Jouetsu Yasuda is based around the local cuisine of Niigata Prefecture which is located on the coast of the Sea of Japan. It consists of mostly of seafood which is sourced locally in Niigata Prefecture. Fresh vegetables and meats from the region are also available and recommended.



Great cuisine direct from the Sea of Japan coast


I decided first to try a few starters which turned out to be a great choice. I was presented with a platter of various small delicacies such as grilled eggplant with miso sauce, a lovely pickled tomato, a stuffed zucchini, and mozuku which is a dish of vinegared seaweed that goes really great with beer or Japanese Sake. This was followed by perfectly grilled whole Nodoguro (Blackthroat Seaperch) which is a rare and exquisite dish. Lastly, the chef followed up the Nodoguro by displaying his fantastic knife skills while preparing a delicious white sashimi dish right in front of my eyes. He then finished up by serving a platter of sushi staples including top quality Otoro (fatty Tuna) and Uni(Sea Urchin). The dishes were unbelievably fresh and delicious.



Up close and personal experience


Besides the fantastic food, the great thing about the restaurant was being able to sit at the counter where I could see the chefs at work right in front of me. It’s a great experience to be able to watch the great techniques of the chefs preparing your food. Luckily I was able to speak to the Chef, Itamae san, who provided very detailed explanations of each of the dishes he made for me which was very much appreciated and really added to the experience.


I highly recommend Joetsu Yasuda to visitors to Tokyo who want to experience authentic local food and see the fantastic skills of Japanese chefs first hand. There are also private rooms available which are great for families. The beautiful night view from the restaurant makes for a great, romantic place to enjoy some traditional, authentic Japanese food.



>> Clich here for Restaurant information and reservation


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