Wrestle with a Sumo Wrestler in a Real Sumo Ring in Ryogoku

2019.01.07 | Tokyo







Join this tour and stand on an actual Sumo Ring stage and face off with an ex-Sumo wrestler!


We offer you an exciting chance to interact with sumo wrestlers!!
You will be able to learn the basic rules and regulation and also the daily life of a Sumo wrestler and their struggle to reach the top. 
This is a very rare opportunity you wouldn't want to miss out.


Sumo is a national Japanese sport and part of traditional Japanese culture. It is believed that its' origin lies in the mythical age. Sumo has been deeply rooted within Japanese culture and the lives of many people. There are many aspects to Sumo such as historical, cultural, Shinto ritual or athletic, and each of them has their own unique feature.


What makes this experience special is that anyone has the chance to stand in a real Sumo ring and face off with a Sumo wrestler! (The wrestler will ask for volunteers to step onto the stage to try to push them, please raise your hand if you wish to be chosen!)
Also what makes this tour even more special is the fact that children and women are also allowed to stand on the ring and join the experience.
What does this mean?
In the Sumo world, women were never allowed on the Sumo ring, and this had been a huge topic in Japan. However with this tour anyone can stand on a real Sumo ring!


After the performance and your heroic act of wrestling with a Sumo wrestler you will be able to go to any of the 11 stores that are in the "Edo NOREN" area for lunch.


You will be given a ticket which you can choose 1 meal from any of the 11 stores below.
*Some restaurant might be closed depending on the date.


1. Tokyo Shouten - Japanese Sake store
2. Tsukishima Monja MOHEJI - Okonomiyaki (Japanese hybrid of pizza and pancake)
3. Kabuki Maguro - Seafood
4. Chanko Kirishima - Chanko nabe is a dish that Sumo wrestler eats
5. Ryogoku Bashisabo - Japanese sweets
6. Tsukiji Kagura Sushi - Sushi restaurant
7. Nezu Torihana - Chicken cuisine such as Yakitori (grilled chicken)
8. Tempura Hisago - Tempura restaurant
9. Monzenchaya Narukuchi - Seafood and Rice based cuisine
10. Nihonbashi Yabukyu - Soba restuarant
11. Tsukijishokudo Genchan - Seafood


If you don't want to have lunch you can exchange your ticket for souvenirs or for Japanese sake as well!


Souvenir options:
A option: Sumo design Paper weight
B option: Sumo Chopsticks
C option: Edo Rice + Sumo Ramen (Salt flavor) + Sumo Ring Coaster


Price per person (Age 7 and above) 11,340 yen
Children below the Age of 6 can join in free. (However lunch ticket is no included)



Tour Detail


Tour Style

-This will be a join in tour
-English Speaking Staff


Group Size

Min. 1
Max. 50



1 hour for Sumo performance
(Lunch ticket must be used on that day from 11:00AM - 1:00PM)


Tour Itinerary

This experience is only on Tuesday
Starting time is 10AM. Please be at the facilty before 9:45AM.



Meeting Place: Ryogoku Edo NOREN
1-3-20 Yokozuna, Sumida-ku, Tokyo


What's Included

-Sumo Performance
-Standing on Sumo Ring
-Lunch or gift Ticket


What's not Included

-Hotel Pick up and Drop off
-Additional Food and Drink


Tour Tips

Booking process
1. Please contact us for availability through the ‘BOOK IT’ button below.
2. We will check the availability and come back to you within 1 business day.
3. Payment request will be sent.
4. Reservation is complete upon receiving your payment confirmation e-mail.



- Fees shall be paid through Credit Card. Currently no other payment method is accepted.


Regarding Cancellation Fee

When you cancel more than 10 calendar days before the date of your reservation date, no cancellation fee will be charged.
When you cancel in 7 days to 10 days before the date of your reservation date, 20% of the price of the tour will be charged as a cancellation fee.
When you cancel in 4 days to 6 days before the date of your reservation date, 50% of the price of the tour will be charged as a cancellation fee.
When you cancel within 3days before the date of your reservation date, 100% of the price of the tour will be charged as a cancellation fee.
*Time is in JST.
Condition - Please advise us, in advance, if there are any religious or health restrictions, allergies, or any case where special care is needed when you ask us for availability.




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