Rien A restaurant serving rare parts of premium wagyu beef including Kobe beef

2019.02.05 | Tokyo

Rien Grilled Meat Restaurant

Miyazaki beef, Kobe beef, short-horned cattle and Kenran beef are served in the restaurant.

Our food and drink menu have a large variety of selection. There is also a large selection for our lunch menu.

Not only do we have grilled Miyazaki beef, but we also serve traditional family dishes and wine.

The regulars' favorite and most popular dish is the meat sushi, which is a must-try.

The interior design of our restaurant uses mainly white, providing a clean and luxurious feeling.



Japan Finder presents Recommended Kobe beef course, now open for reservations!​

(*Prepayment required​)

>>click here for reservation



Japan Finder presents Recommended Kobe beef course, for 10,000 yen (tax excluded) for 2 people or more


Kobe beef course​


  • Hand made assorted kimchi
  • Hand made assorted namul
  • Healthy avocado salad
  • Roast beef with red wine sauce
  • Ox heart with grated radish in sour ponzu sauce dip



  • High-grade Salted Tongue from Wagyu 2kinds
  • Skirt Steak from Wagyu
  • Select Japanese Beef Short Ribs rare site 3 kinds
  • Select Kobe Beef rare site 1 kind
  • Select Kobe Beef Roast rare site 2 kinds


【Offal Foods】

  • Select innards from the northern land



  • Oxtail soup



  • Select broiled Wagyu beef sushi
  • TKG (Tamago Kake Gohan - Raw egg mixed with Rice)


【Finishing dish】

  • Dessert of the Day



All you can drink 1,500 Yen(Before Tax)2 hr seating time(L.O.30 min before)​

Choose any drink of preference from the menu below, unlimited refill for 2 hours.



 Sapporo Black Label Jockey Draft、Shandy Gaff



 Dewar's Whiskey Highball



 Toppai、Kurokirishima、Shirokirishima、Korean Chamisul


【Japanese Liquor】



【Korean Rice Wine Makgeolli】

 Draft Makgeolli、Black Bean Makgeolli



 Cassis Soda、Cassis Orange Juice、Cassis Grapefruit Juice、Cassis Oolong Tea、Fuzzy Navel、Reggae Punch



 Draft Lemon Sour、Draft Grapefruit Sour、Oolong High、Green Tea High、Pomelo Honey Sour、Calpis Sour


【Fruit Wine】

 Umeshu (Plum Wine) made from Shirakaga Plum、Mango Wine、Luxurious Rich Pomelo Wine



 House Brew


【Soft Drink】

 Oolong Tea、Green Tea、Cola、Gingerale、Orange Juice、Grapefruit Juice、Calpis Yogurt Drink、Calpis Soda、Sparkling Water



Please pay by credit card or cash at restaurant for additional orders of beverage and meal.


Please inform our chef of any allergy conditions or food preferences regarding the menu when making a booking.


Menu may be changed based on season and weather conditions, ingredients of equivalence in value will be provided.


If the reservation must be cancelled due to extraordinary circumstances, please contact us. A 20% penalty charge will be applied to cancellations made 7 days before the reservation. 100% penalty charges will apply to cancellations made within 6 days to the reservation date.






  B1 Shinjuku-five I Shinjuku 5 chome 18 -16, Shinjuku, Tokyo



 [Tokyo Metro/Marunouchi line、Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line・Toei line/Shinjuku line]

  Shinjuku 3 Chome Station E1 Exit 1 min walking distance


 [Tokyo Metro/Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line、Toei Subway Ooedo line]

  East Shinjuku Station A1 Exit 5 min walking distance


 [JR/Yamanote line、Chuo line、Somu line local train、Shonanshinjuku line]

  Shinjuku Station East Exit 6 min walking distance


 397m from East Shinjuku Station

【Business Hours】


 Mon.~ Fri. 11:30~14:30(L.O 14:00)

 ※Lunchtime closed on Sundays and Holidays.



 All day 17:00~24:00(L.O Food Menu23:15 Drink Menu23:30)

 ※Dinnertime open on Sundays



【Tel Number for Reservation】

 (From Overseas)+81-(0)92-687-4110

 (Whitin Japan)(0)92-687-4110

 *Please call within the Reservation Hours.


【Reservation hours】

 (Japan standard time)Monday~Saturday 12:00-20:00


【Availability of seats】

 Private Room available



 [Lunch]Sunday・Public Holiday




 Allow Smoking








【Regarding Cancellation Policy】

Please contact us in cases of cancellation due to extraordination circumstances. When you cancel your reservation 7 days before the date of your reservation, a cancellation fee of 20% will apply. When you cancel your reservation 6 days or less to the date of reservation ,a cancellation fee of 100% will apply.


>>click here for reservation




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