Ultimate ramen made with grilled Agodashi, Noodle Artisan Men Sho Kin-iro, Suidobashi

2019.01.31 | Tokyo

Noodle Artisan Mensho Kin-iro, Suidobashi

The pursuit for the most flavorful, delicious "Agodashi" is what created the "Ultimate Grilled Agodashi Ramen" menu. "Agodashi" is the word for "flying fish broth" (Flying fish is called "Ago" in Kyushu area), which is used for making broth seasoning in Kyushu area. By using the famously tasty “Grilled Ago" from Nagasaki prefecture and soup that is stewed from whole chickens. The richness of grilled Ago fused with the sweetness of chicken broth is a must-try.


Japan grown wheat "Haruyo Koi", the main ingredient, blends with stone mill finely ground whole grain powder, is used to make our noodles, which maintains elasticity and delivers the aromatic flavour of wheat in our smooth and tasty noodles. They are the perfect match for grilled Agodahshi broth.


We have prepared seasoned noodles “Aetama" instead of the regular "Kaetama" for a second order of noodles to add to your dish. Regular "Oil soba" is used for when you first order, and when you want to add a second order of noodles, we serve the seasoned noodles for you to dip into your broth, and eaten as a "Tsukemen" (noodles with dipping sauce) dish. They are exquitite!



Japan Finder Exclusive Coupon​

Japan Finder presents recommended special set with special price.

Please show the coupon from Japan Finder APP at restaurant.


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Japan Finder special set 1100 yen [Dinner only, 780 yen (tax inclusive)]


Special set​

1. [Grilled Agodashi ramen with soy sauce] or [Agodashi ramen with chicken soup]

2. [Aedama] half serving​

3. One drink (Oolong Tea or Shochu high or Whiskey Highball​)


Japan Finder special set


・coupon applicable time (dinner time) Monday~Friday 17:00~21:30, Sunday・Public Holiday 15:00~18:30


・Please purchase "Japan Finder special set" ticket (780 yen) at the vending machine by the entrance. Please show the coupon in the Japan Finder App to the staff when handing over the ticket.


・Please pay for additional order, alcohol etc. beverages in cash (at vending machines).


【Other menu】


Thick grilled Agodashi ramen        

900 yen



 Thick soup with strong scent of grilled Agodashi became a trend of "Cement Type" ramen. It coordinates with “Aedama” and "plain rice" well.



Grilled Agodashi salt ramen          

800 yen



 The luxury of grilled Agodashi composed with a slight salty taste.




Amberjack light soup ramen         

800 yen



 Unparalleled stock intently made by fresh Amberjack gives a slight taste and scent of amberjack to ramen. The rare Char-shu pork and toppings are perfectly matched.



Agodashi chicken light soup ramen

800 yen



 Thick soup with strong scent of grilled Agodashi became a trend of "Cement Type" ramen. It coordinates with “Aedama” and "plain rice" well.




Thick grilled Agodashi tsukemen   

950 yen



 Double thickened soup made by grilled Agodashi and whole chicken accompanied by medium size noodles with elasticity. An addictive taste. Only provided at dinner.






Aedama 200 yen
Aedama half 100 yen
seasoning egg 100 yen
plain rice (Koshihikari rice) 100 yen
beer 480 yen
shochu high. highball 380 yen
Oolong tea 300 yen






Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Kanda Misaki-cho 2-14-6, Kaisawa building 1 F



3 mins walk from JR Chuo Line, Sobu line Suidobashi station east entrance.

5 mins walk from Toei chikatetsu Mita Line Suidobashi station A2 entrance.


【Restaurant Hours】

[Monday~Friday]Lunch 11:00~14:30 Dinner 17:00~22:00

 [Sunday・Public Holiday] 11:00~19:00





【Availability of Seats】

14 seats (counter 6 seats, table 8 seats)


【Tel Number】

 (From overseas) +81-(0)3-5213-4440

 (Within Japan) 03-5213-4440
















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