Relax in an ikkenya, Tamasaka in Nishiazabu

2019.07.11 | Tokyo

Tamakasa Nishiazabu

The smell of mosquito coil from the entrance in summer. The atmosphere is like coming back to a rural inn or parent's home.


All six rooms are private rooms, and you can enjoy the course dish which is made up of a set menu that utilizes the taste of the vegetables of the four seasons and fresh fish.


You can also enjoy the service a la carte​l at the counter. Our restaurant is ideal for every occasion from business dinner to private dinner. We look forward to serving you to have a great time with precious ones.



It is possible to book a recommended course by Japan Finder

(*fee prepayment​)

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Chef's choice course per person 11,000 Yen (tax included)

【Appetizer】Freezer burn scallop(Prawns Shrimps, Persimmon, Pothherb mustard,Chrysanthemum, White vinegar, Vinegar jelly)

【Bowl dish】Sea eel with eggplant(Matsutake mushrooms, Pumpkin bread, Sprouts Citron)

【Sashimi】Menu according to the fish market of the day

【Grilled dish】Wakasa style grilled tilefish(Miso figs Smoked radish, Pickles, Fresh maidenhair, Sudachi)

【Appetizer】Hand-made roasted soba(Okra, Marinated in vinegar enoki mushrooms)

【Boiled dishes】Shark fin with winter melon(Pak choi Fine strips of leek Ginger)

【Fried dish】Deep-fried sweetfish(Groundnut, Fushimi chili pepper, Radish vinegar, Ear of rice)

【Meal】Autumn style rice pot with swordfish(Dark-brown miso soup, Pickles)

【Dessert】Purple sweet potato and tapioca sweet-bean soup(Coconut ice)


Seasonal special course 1 person 13,200 Yen (tax included) 2 to 8 people

【Appetizer】Wagyu beef with fig sesame cream(Sliced raw garfish with kelp, Okra, Pickled skipjack tuna, Sushi with mackerel Pickled tuna Boiled chestnut Pickled ginger)

【Bowl dish】Fried spring lobster(Parsley, Shiitake mushrooms, Green onion, Carrot,Sprout, Citron)

【Sashimi】Menu according to the fish market of the day

【Grilled dish】Barracuda grilled on cedar(Prawn, Fushimi chili pepper, Sweet potato, Maidenhair)

【Appetizer】Fried squid with leek(Ginger)

【Boiled dish】Scorched rice with turtle(Autumn vegetables, Ginger)

【Side dishes】Thread-sail filefish steamed in magnolia leaves(Momiji bran, Tofu, Spinach, Oyster mushrooms, Ponzu)

【Meal】Homebred chicken with matsutake mushrooms and bowl of rice(Dark-brown miso soup Pickles)

【Dessert】Kyoho Grapes Jelly(Cold brew hojicha)


Tamasaka special course 1 person 16,500 Yen (tax included) 2 to 8 people

【Appetizer】Wagyu beef and sesame cream(Sliced raw garfish with kelp, Okra, Pickled skipjack tuna,Sushi with mackerel Pickled tuna Boiled chestnut Pickled ginger)

【Bowl dish】Fried spring lobster(Parsley, Shiitake mushrooms, Green onion, Carrot, Sprout, Citron)

【Sashimi】Menu according to the fish market of the day

【Grilled dish】Barracuda cedar grilled(Kuruma Prawn, Fushimi pepper, Sweet potato, Maidenhair)

【Middle dish】Wagyuu beef steak(Pickled tomato salad)

【Boiled dish】A hot pot with softshell turtle(Autumn vegetable and ginger)

【Main dish】Thread-sail filefish grilled with magnolia leaves(Bread shaped autumn leaves, Tofu, Spinach,Pleurotus ostreatus, Ponzu sauce)

【Meal】Clay pot rice with matsutake mushroom and chicken(Red miso soup and pickled vegetables)orHand-made buckwheat noodles(Spices, vegetable pickles)

【Dessert】Kyoho Grapes Jelly(Cold brew hojicha tea)




*Additional orders, liquor, soft drink, etc. purchases can be made in-store either by cash or credit card.


*Menu may be changed based on season and weather conditions, ingredients of equivalence in value will be provided.


*Please inform our chef of any allergies, dietary conditions or food preferences regarding the menu upon making your reservation. We will do our best to provide other ingredients as replacement.


*Please contact us in cases of cancellation due to conflicting circumstances. When you cancel your reservation 7 days before the date of your reservation, a cancellation fee of 20% will apply. When you cancel your reservation 6 days or less to the date of reservation, a cancellation fee of 100% will apply.







2-11, Nishi Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo



About 8 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Omotesando Station Exit A5


【Business hours】

[Noon] 12:00 to 15:00 (reservation only)

[Night] 18:00-23:00 (last entry is at 20:30)



Sundays and national holidays



Counter 8 seats, table private room (for 4 rooms / 2 people-8 people), horigotatsu* private room (for 2 rooms / 2 people-6 people)

*table that’s low to the ground and has a recessed floor beneath


【Reservation contact info】

(From overseas) + 81-(0) 92-687-4110 (From Japan) (0) 92-687-4110

* Please call within the reception hours

 Please send mail from the reservation page


【Accepting Reservations】

11:00-16:30 on weekdays





【Non-smoking / Smoking】

Private room smoking allowed, counter smoking not allowed


【Cancellation Policy】

In case of cancellation due to unavoidable circumstances, please contact us in advance. There is a 20% cancellation fee for cancellations 7 days prior to the booking date and a 100% cancellation fee for cancellations from 6 days prior.



>> Click here for reservation​




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