Oryouri Musashino, an excellent elaborate restaurant

2019.08.01 | Tokyo

Oryouri Musashino

We are dedicated to providing our own unique Kaiseki cuisine regardless of the season. In contrast to the hustle and bustle of Omotesando, we create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for our customers.


Black truffle eel bowl and black truffle soba noodles cooked with our own original recipes, are highly recommended for you.


Steaming the freshest and carefully selected natural eel meat in our special steaming method, our eel meat has a smoother and softer texture compared to the normal one. Our secret sauce is made from the " Black Diamond ", black truffle ( France-made brie truffle in winter and Italy-made brie truffle in spring, summer and autumn ), white truffle oil, truffle salt, Okukuji eggs and hand-made Bordier butter, results in a good combination with the delicious Japanese rice.


The soba noodles of our black truffle soba noodles is handmade in our shop every morning. All of the buckwheat flour we use is ground from the selected 4-5mm diameter dried buckwheat cultivated by a well-known soba grower, Mitsuhiro Ueno from Chiba prefecture. Mix the soba with our special soba sauce made from black truffle, Okukuji eggs and hand-made Bordier butter and you are ready to enjoy an unique food experience.



Our Chef's recommended course includes both black truffle eel bowl and black truffle soba noodles.


And if you are fond of eating ducks, we strongly recommend the " Course with a duck " in which one whole duck would be used. We would request hunters in Niigata prefecture to catch a wild duck after you have made a reservation and therefore please make your reservation one week before the day you visit us (only provided in winter).



Reservation of recommended course available through Japan Finder!

(*prepayment is required)

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Kamo-dzukushi course 1 person 25,000 yen (tax-excluded) From 2 people

Lunch, dinner omakase course 1 person 15,000 yen (excluding tax) From 2 people​




It is a dish using the wild duck of Niigata and Gifu prefectures, one duck is cooked per person.

Only wild duck captured without using a gun.

We offer the course according to the hunting open day, so it will be offered only during the hunting season.


2 Seasonal dishes

Wild duck grilled

Wild duck sukiyaki

Nogamonabe (hot pot with wild duck)

Nogamo porridge (porridge with wild duck)

Wild duck and truffle Soba




Lunch, dinner course

Yakitori, sukiyaki, sushi, eel, soba and all dishes are collected from various places, you can pick up a double choice between truffle unajū and truffle soba with the course contenet that brings together Japanese food.


Example of a day October 18

Peanut salter planted by my father-in-law in Katori, Chiba Prefecture.

Jibie bowl rissho matsutake (mushroom) and Nagoya Cochin soup

Kyushu tuna sushi

Nagoya Cochin between green onions and gourd sand liver

Boiled rice dumplings

Sea bream vinegared

Soba noodles with Arita beef

Deep-fried shrimp and ginkgo

Truffle unajū

Truffle soba

Desserts Warabimochi Nansuinashi (pear)



*Consumers tax and Service fee of 10% will be applied.


*Please pay cash or by credit card (VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, DINERS) at the shop for additional orders, liquor or drinks.


*The contents of the course may change as purchasing changes depending on the season, weather and market conditions, but we will provide the same class of materials.


*If you have any allergies or food that you cannot be eaten, please tell us at the time of booking.


*In case of cancellation due to unavoidable circumstances, please contact us in advance. There is a 20% cancellation fee for cancellations 7 days prior to the booking date and a 100% cancellation fee for cancellations from 6 days prior.








4-2-17 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Aoyama Natsuno Building 2F



207 m from Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Omotesando Station


【Business hours】






【Number of seats】

Table seat


【Reservation contact info】

(From overseas) + 81-(0) 92-687-4110 (From domestic) (0) 92-687-4110

*Please call within the reception hours


【Reservation time】

10:00-20:00 ( Except Sunday )



SoftBank only



Smoking is prohibited


【Cancellation Policy】

If you need to cancel your reservation, please be sure to contact us. Cancellation 7 days before the reservation date, 20% of the total price will be charged. Cancellation within 6 days to the reservation date, 100% price will be charged.


>> Click here for reservation






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