Your Hannari story begins when you pass through the shop curtain. Azabuhannari

2020.01.21 | Tokyo


Azabu Hannari, a Japanese restaurant with traditional Noren(shop-front curtain) hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Roppongi.

It is a hidden gourmet favorite in Nishiazabu. We welcome you to come to enjoy our flamboyant, luxurious menu. However, our services are always sincere, unpretentious, and carefully delivered We provide a relaxing space where you can meet and enjoy such fine cuisine.


Japanese culture and the spirit of the Noren

The material used for Azabu Hannari's Noren and the shop-front curtain is the most prestigious of traditional wear, the "Kurohiki Tomesode" Black formal wedding dress.

It is an antique kimono with auspicious pattern.

Goen (five-yen coins) is sewn onto the fabric with the wish that customers who have passed under the Noren will be tied to Goen, good fortune and meet their destiny.

The Noren was also taken to the Izumo Ooyashiro Shrine (Izumo Taisha), which is well-known for prayers for a happy marriage. It is being used in praying for bringing good fortunes and meeting someone special.

We are hoping that various good encounters and connections can be made between people, their jobs, companies.

We make each of our dish with all our hearts so that customers who visit us can truly enjoy delicious food with a smile.


About Noren fabric patterns

・Kusudama: Various medicines and fragrances are put into a brocade bag, with irises or bonsai stems used to seal the bag, and is used as an amulet for protection from evil spirits. The pattern is used for luxurious women's clothing for large celebrations.

・Hiougi: A folding fan with the upper part threaded together with silk thread. It is a traditional accessory piece carried by nobles and lords from the Heian period. On the fan's canvas are painted with beautiful colors and bound together by long hanging string with ornate jewels. This is a beautiful style befitting the fabric dyeing and weaving craftsmanship for festive formal wear.

・Tagasode: In the Edo period, gorgeous kosodes (a style of traditional wear) with beautiful colors and patterns were hung on a garment girder, and the scene was painted onto partition screens and referred to as "Tagasode screen". The pictures painted were then transformed into patterns for kimono fabric.



Reservation of recommended course available through Japan Finder!​

(*prepayment is required.​)

>> Click here for reservation​




【JapanFinder exclusive special course】 25,000 Yen (before tax)​

  • Seasonal fresh appetizer assortment
  • Soup
  • Sashimi
  • Seasonal grilled fish
  • Hida Black Wagyu beef steak or Abalone liver butter steak (choose one)
  • Ise prawn cream miso stew
  • Seasonal mix cauldron-steamed rice
  • Dessert


【Hida Black Wagyu beef fillet course】 15,000 Yen (before tax)

  • Seasonal fresh appetizer assortment
  • Soup
  • Sashimi
  • Stew
  • Hida Black Wagyu beef fillet ceramic plate grill Grilled vegetables 2 sauces
  • Seasonal mix cauldron-steamed rice
  • Dessert


※Service fee(only dinner)

 10% for private room, 7% for counter seat




*Additional orders, liquor, soft drink, etc. purchases can be made in-store either by cash or credit card (VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, DINERS accepted)


*Menu may be changed based on season and weather conditions, ingredients of equivalence in value will be provided.


*We will do our best possible to avoid ingredients and allergens according to your preference. Please inform us in advance when you make your reservation.


*Please contact us in cases of cancellation due to extraordinary circumstances. When you cancel your reservation 7 days before the date of your reservation, a cancellation fee of 20% will apply. When you cancel your reservation 6 days or less to the date of reservation, a cancellation fee of 100% will apply.










1F ADESSO Nishi Azabu, 1-7-2Nishi Azabu, Minato Ward, Tokyo



5 min walk from No. 2 Exit of Roppongi Station

476m from Roppongi Station


【Business Hours】


17:30~23:00( L.O. 22:00)



Sundays(Open on Holidays)



14 seats(Counter 8 seats, private room 1 room(6 seats))


【Reservation contact info】

(From overseas) +81-(0)92-687-4110 (From domestic) (0)92-687-4110

*Please call within the reception hours

 Please send mail from the reservation page


【Reservation time】

Please make reservations at least one day before



10,000 Yen ~





【No smoking / Smoking】

Smoking is prohibited


【Food Allergy】

Please inquire beforehand so we may make adjustments to the menu accordingly.



・Coin Parking available nearby

・Applicable Service Charges (Dinner Only)

 10% for private room, 7% for counter seats.


【Regarding cancellation fee】

Please contact us in case it is canceled due to conflicting circumstances. If you cancel your reservation 7 days before the date of your reservation, a cancellation fee of 20% will apply. If you cancel your reservation 6 days or less to the date of reservation, a cancellation fee of 100% will apply.



>> Click here for reservation​









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