If you are thinking of traveling to Japan, the first question that will appear in your mind is probably what is going to happen with your phone. In these times not being connected is no longer an option. In that case, relax yourself because there are a list of options that you can do to fix that little problem.

One of them, of course, is to get a paid SimCard. The other one - the free and easier one - would be to get a free Wi-Fi spot identifier app (since in Japan there is a lot of free Wi-Fi spots available for foreign people). With this one you will stay connected, not only to find the necessary routes on your trip, but also to discover the best places in this beautiful country!


With the “Travel Japan Wi-Fi” app you can access more than 200,000 spots with completely free Wi-Fi in a wide variety of places from Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Okinawa and more! Meanwhile, you can see the recommended spots on where to eat, relax or go shopping in the hottest place in the town you are or the closest one to you. With a GPS at your disposal and full of sightseeing info, this app will guide you every step of your travel. And, If you like it, you can always save it in your “favorite” list! Also, you can always use the discounts and promotions that are included in the app for improving your experience.


The option for rating your favorites sightseeing spots would make the other users see the ranked best places for visiting and traveling, making the anonymous opportunity of sharing your own experience with a simple like or dislike.


And don't be afraid: if adventure is your thing you can always download the offline map to explore every corner you want.


Find the freedom to use Wi-Fi every time you need it. Keep in touch with your loved ones, your social networks or your special person. Stay connected to the world while you enjoy a trip worth remembering for a lifetime.


Download the free “Travel Japan Wi-Fi” app and discover all the magical places of Japan.

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